What Can Go Wrong?

We have just touched on some of the reasons why things can go wrong but let’s have a look at the most common issues.


Oversells are when a product is sold on a sales channel, but you have no stock available.

There are a few factors that can be in play here. The first thing to check, was the stock level updated prior to the sale?
Some sales channels have conditions where they can cause an over-sell due to events like manual payment reviews. We see orders come in days after we sent a 0-stock level update for the product. In this case you will need to log the issue with the appropriate sales channel to have them investigate.

There is a straightforward way to check this. Go to the IDA dashboard and click on the Order to go to the Edit screen. You will see the order items. From here you can click on the Variant SKU to go to the Product screen. On this screen, you will see the event log entries. If you can see an event log for the variation being set to 0 stock and the time stamp on the update was prior to the order time, then you will need to check with The Iconic to find out what happened. If the update happened after the order date, log it with us to investigate. We can see if there were any delays in processing that may have caused the problem.
If there are no updates at all, check the Unmatched screen on the products page to see if it may be that the item is not currently managed, and you need to fix the SKU for the item.

Fulfillment Update Issue

In some cases, you may find that the fulfillment update for an order was not able to be processed. This mainly happens when we cannot automatically match the carrier in the Sales Channel to the one in the fulfillment.

In this case it would be quickest to manually update the tracking details in your Sales Channel and then be sure to go through the Carrier configuration instructions for your sales Channel a little later to make sure you are set up to match carriers correctly. If you get stuck, log a ticket with our service desk to see if we can better match the carrier.
This is most important when you change carriers. You may find that suddenly there is no fulfillment updates going through because we are unable to match your carrier anymore.