Are You Tired Of Uploading Inventory All Day?

Connect Your Shopify Store To Your Marketplace Stores And End The Madness Today

Processed over $153 million orders in the last 4 years

IDA Connect matches products in your Shopify and marketplace stores.  Orders are passed to your Shopify store for processing.  Once fulfilled, IDA Connect sends the status back to your marketplace.  Inventory levels are kept in sync.  Order value is adjusted to reflect marketplace commissions.

Automate Your Orders

Fulfil orders from sales channels automatically and eliminate manual handling errors.

Sync Your Inventory

Sync stock levels automatically between your store and marketplaces.

Manage Your Sales from One Place

Keep your sales in one place, removing the need for spreadsheets and saving hours of time.

It's as Easy as 1,2,3...

Create Account

Sign up with your email for one click with the Shopify App

Connect Your Store

Add your main store

Connect Marketplace

Add your Marketplace store to start the sync process.


Sit back and enjoy all the extra free time you will have to focus on what you do best


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Guaranteed to Save You Hours of Admin Time!

What Others Are Saying


"IDAConnect saves me a tonne of time every day so I can get on with selling my products"


"The IDA Connect app is a life saver! It saves us so much time in fulfiling our orders. The support we receive from the app is amazing and efficient."


"We get a lot of orders from The Iconic and save so much time and money by integrating with IDA Connect"


"IDAConnect helped Von-Röutte synchronise all inventory levels across our website and our marketplace partners. We used to have a high number of backorders due to inaccurate stock and now we decreased this number to almost 0 at The Iconic."


"IDA Connect is an absolute game-changer for KOHLE. Prior to installing the app we had to take numerous steps to fulfil our Iconic orders, it was incredibly time consuming and tedious, now it's merely a couple of steps. I would highly recommend this app to anyone who is drop shipping with The Iconic, it's a necessity."


"IDA Connect saves us at least 30 hours a week in admin time"

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Ready to end the frustration of copying orders and stock levels into multiple channels?  Talk to us and see how you can spend less time on admin, and more time selling.

Discover even more ecommerce automation and integration services provided by Cloudster Connect. Let’s talk about how our custom solutions can automate your business processes. 

– 3PL Integrations
– Import container monitoring
– TMS Integrations
– Warehouse Management System Integrations
– Shopify to ERP integrations
– Shopify to Inventory Management System integrations
– Shopify to Xero integrations